Annual Reports 2013
Autogrill is the world’s leading provider of Food & Beverage services for travelers.
It operates mainly through concessions: at airports and railway stations, along motorways, on high streets and at shopping centers, trade fairs and cultural attractions.
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Annual Report Sustainability Report
Chairman’s Letter
Our ambition is to look to the future respecting all cultures, and generating a constant stream of new formulas to add value.
Dear Shareholders,
We achieved important objectives of various kinds in 2013, the foremost regarding the main strategic event of the year: the proportional partial demerger of Autogrill S.p.A. in favour of WDF S.p.A. The demerger enabled us to offer the stock market two distinct investment opportunities, both leaders in their sectors, Travel Retail and Food & Beverage.
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CEO Letter
In the near future our points of sale will be rolling out commercial formats widely different in design, types of products and service.
Dear Stakeholders,
As a result of the demerger we are now totally focussed on the Food & Beverage business and have defined our growth strategy along three lines: renewal of the offering, expansion into new geographies and repositioning of business channels. With respect to the renewal of the offering, we are concentrating on the design of new commercial concepts and the stipulation of agreements with the brands that are most innovative and in line with the increasingly diversified needs of our customers.
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3,984 €m
162.6 €m
net investment
314 €m EBITDA
margin 7.9%
672.7 €m
net financial position
88.3 €m
Group employees
90% of the Group emlpoyees
have a permanent employment contract

*Excluding North America and the Pacific
customer satisfaction interviews
3 m
Donation of food and meals
Environmental Certifications
reduction in energy consuption
17 LEED certified points of sale worldwide
Around the world
30 countries
over 1000 locations
more than 4.500 stores
55.000 employees
142 airports
759 motorways
56 railway stations
96 towns, malls, exhibitions and cultural sites

Villoresi Est, Italy

In Italy, the Villoresi Est store was opened at the beginning of 2013. It represents the Group's international best practice flagship for sustainable innovation, featuring virtuous solutions that can be individually reproduced in other locations of the Group’s network worldwide.

Bistrot, Milan Central Railway Station

The first store was inaugurated in mid-2013 in Milan, in a landmark location (the former third class waiting room at the Milan Central Railway Station), the Bistrot has preserved the same decor and has introduced reading corners and places for cultural exchange, as well as scheduling culinary events with chefs, food bloggers, sommeliers and local producers. In this way consumers play an active role in the exchange of information about food and diet, food origin and consumption.

Shiphol Airport, Netherlands

A best practice on water supply comes from the Dutch airport of Schiphol. HMSHost decided to stock Marie Stella Maris water brand in a large number of the stores managed at the airport of Schiphol (approximately 70). Following a tender which involved different suppliers, Marie Stella Maris was selected not only because it offered the best price, but also because their mission is crystal clear: "Drink Water Give Water", for each liter of water sold, euro 0.05 is donated to a foundation engaged in bringing drinkable water to populations which do not have access to it.


Delaware Welcome Center

In the United States, the Delaware Welcome Center celebrated three years in operation since its re-opening and is still the HMSHost flagship. It extends over a surface of 4,000 sq m and was designed in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles, recycling and re-using 75% of the material derived from the demolition of the pre-existing building. The store optimizes the use of natural sunlight, significantly cutting energy consumption.

Beaudevin, Chicago Airport

RossoIntenso Inaugurated at the beginning of 2013 inside the Roma Fiumicino airport, RossoIntenso is a wine&food bar stemming from the international Beaudevin concept, dedicated to wine and food lovers, already present in international locations such as the Brussels airport, the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, Chicago O’Hare, Miami and Charlotte Douglas airports in the United States.A consumption experience intended for airport customers who would like to take a break and relax in a pleasant environment.

New Contacts

Autogrill expands in the United Kingdom

17 October 2013
Autogrill Group, through its HMSHost International subsidiary, pushes forward its expansion strategy in Northern Europe and strengthens operations in the UK, where it has won two new food & beverage concessions, one in the Eurotunnel stations and the other at East Midlands Airport. The first agreement, to run for 10 years, provides for operation of eight points of sale which are expected to generate total revenues of around £105m from 2013 to 2023. The latter, an 8-year contract, covers seven points of sales expected to generate total revenues of around £70m in the period 2013 - 2021.

Autogrill expands in the United Kingdom

Autogrill wins food & beverage contract at Helsinki Airport

4 October 2013
Through its HMSHost International subsidiary, Autogrill Group has entered a contract with Finavia, Finland’s airport authority, to operate 16 points of sale at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. The agreement provides for a two-stage roll-out of operations: the first nine locations are expected to open in the second half of 2014, while the other seven will come into service in 2016. The concession is expected to generate total revenues of over €200m in the period from 2014 to 2024.

Autogrill wins food & beverage contract at Helsinki Airport

Autogrill to start up at Düsseldorf Airport

5 November 2013
Autogrill Group has secured a new contract in Germany to provide food & beverage services at Düsseldorf Airport, the country’s 3rd biggest airport in terms of passenger traffic. The concession is expected to generate revenues of around €60m in the period 2014-2021. The operation is another step in the Group’s expansion in Northern Europe, following its launch at Helsinki Airport in Finland and the addition of new concessions in the Eurotunnel railway stations and East Midlands Airport in the UK in October.

Autogrill to start up at Düsseldorf Airport

Autogrill starts up in Russia

5 September 2013
Autogrill Group through its HMSHost International division, has entered an agreement with Novikov Group and Ginza Project to set up Autogrill Russia, the Newco that will provide food&beverage services at St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport. Under the terms of the agreement, the new company (60% HMSHost International, 40% split equally between the two partners), will operate eight points of sale in the airport for seven years. The concession is expected to generate total revenues of around 9130m in the period 2014 to 2021.

Autogrill starts up in Russia

Autogrill starts up in Vietnam through a joint-venture with IPP Group

9 April 2013
Autogrill Group through its HMSHost International division, and local F&B operator Vietnam Food and Beverage Services Company Ltd. have entered an agreement to set up Autogrill VFS F&B Company, a Newco that is planned to be responsible for over 80 points of sale in airports in Vietnam. Autogrill VFS F&B Company will operate the F&B business consisting of 28 points of sale that IPP Group already operates at Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang (the country’s biggest and 3rd biggest airports) and Phu Quoc airports. An additional 6 points of sale will be starting operations at Hanoi airport (Vietnam’s 2nd biggest) in the second half of the year. Under an aggressive development roll out resulting in a further 48 stores over the next 18 months the Group will expand its operations to cover the country’s top six airports. On reaching capacity planned by the end of 2014, the new business will generate estimated annual overall revenues of more than US$20 million.

Autogrill starts up in Vietnam through a joint-venture with IPP Group

Autogrill enters Indonesia, strengthens Asia presence

Milano, 29 novembre 2013
Autogrill Group continues its expansion in Asia and enters Indonesia having won three 5-year contracts to operate 16 points of sale, 11 at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, two at the Surabaya-Juanda hub and three at Balikpapan Sepinggan Airport. The business will be run by ATG Indonesia, the new company set up via a joint venture between Autogrill’s HMSHost International division and Taurus Gemilang, a local airport Food & Beverage operator. These concessions are expected to generate total revenues of around US$90m over the 2014-2018 period.

Autogrill enters Indonesia, strengthens Asia presence

Autogrill expands in the United Arab Emirates

5th March 2014
Through its HMSHost International subsidiary, Autogrill is starting up operations at Abu Dhabi International Airport, the second biggest airport in the United Arab Emirates by passenger traffic and the hub of the national airline Etihad. The Company has secured a new contract to provide food & beverage services in six points of sale which are expected to generate total revenues of around €20m in the period 2014-2019. “Entry to Abu Dhabi is an important step for our expansion across the most dynamic airports in the Middle East and is a continuation of our strategy launched at the Dubai hub at the end of 2012,” said HMSHost International CEO Walter Seib. “We’re happy to be bringing our experience to an airport that’s recorded exceptional growth in recent years and is offering important development prospects for our business.“

Autogrill expands in the United Arab Emirates
Partnership d’eccellenza

Taurus Gemilang

Schiphol Group

Sturbucks Coffee

Università di Scienze Gastronomiche

Partnership Unisg Petrini V4B from Message on Vimeo.


Airport Revenue News (ARN)

Las Vegas, 27 February 2013

HMSHost received the Airport Revenue News (ARN) prize in the Best Overall Food & Beverage Operator category - for the sixth consecutive year, in the category Food Operator with Highest Regard for Customer Service for customer service, Best Food & Beverage Brand Operator for brand management, Best New Food & Beverage Concept for “The Varsity” in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport and Best Restaurant Design for the concept developed by HMSHost “Wicker Park Seafood & Sushi” in the Chicago O’Hare international airport.

Moody Report FAB prizes

Dubai, 2 October 2013

For the third consecutive year, Autogrill was among the companies which received an award from FAB Award (Food&Beverage Awards), the international initiative dedicated to global airport catering services organized by the business intelligence magazine “The Moodie Report”. The Group actually received 5 prestigious acknowledgements in all, of which three were assigned to the parent company Autogrill and two to its subsidiary HMSHost. The prize for Best Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility was given to Afuture, Autogrill program on sustainability, which is based on three key areas: “People”, “Product” and “Planet”. The prize for Best Railway station F&B Offer Award was assigned to the new “Bistrot Milano Centrale”, developed through the collaboration between Autogrill and the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, and inaugurated in recent months in the Central Railway Station of Milan.

Financial Statements Award

Milan, 2 December 2013

In 2013 Autogrill won the Financial Statements Award for the category “Listed companies and large businesses”. The prize was assigned to the Group because the "Financial Statements, including the Report on Operations, the Company's Financial Statements, the Group's consolidated Financial Statements, the Sustainability Report, the Report on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure, exhaustively represent the context in which the Autogrill Group operates in Italy and abroad". The award was received by Autogrill President Gilberto Benetton, and the company's CEO, Gianmario Tondato Da Ruos, who attended the awards ceremony, held in Milan at the offices of Borsa Italiana under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.